What We Do

Aerial Photography

4K Aerial Video

Professional Editing

High Resolution RAW Images from multiple angles

UHD 4K Video captured from above

Custom Editing and Production to fit any art medium


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Licensed by the FAA


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A legal requirement for any commercial drone operation. Avoid the liability - avoid the headaches. 

NOMAD is a small operation. I have less overhead and no salaries to pay. Unlike the big guys, I can offer professional services at a fraction of their cost.

I stand by my customers and my work. I don't rest until you're happy.

NOMAD is owned and operated by Ilya Mirkin. As a small operation, I am able to offer my customers professional results at lower costs, while giving my full undivided attention to each project.

My name and reputation rests on everything I put out there. Let's create something we are proud of !

Philadelphia - Interactive Aerial Panorama (Click and Drag)

Aerial Photography

Survey / Real Estate

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